Saturday, May 10, 2008

Need a Bass Player, Guitar Player, or Vocalist? Looking to Learn how to play from a Pro? Do you need a tune or album Mastered?

Hi San Diego... and World...

I'm Nick Weiss- Bass Player, Guitar Player, singer, composer, sound engineer, and mastering engineer. I have played and taught professionally since high school, and graduated in 2001 from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Music.

I'm located in the heart of San Diego, CA, and am ready to play some gigs and teach some lessons. I've been out of the loop since moving out here from Chicago and the birth of my daughter, but I'm itchin' to play and teach again!

I have made money playing bass in almost any style you can image other than classical, including: Rock, Pop, Funk , Blues, Jazz (yes, I do play upright, and own an excellent acoustic-electric upright), Hip-Hop, R&B, Motown, Reggae, Country, you name it. I consider myself an expert at bass guitar and a solid, if not flashy upright player.

I am a professional, rock solid rhythm guitar player. While I don't have the chops to cut a serious jazz gig or tapping speed metal solo, I am a very versatile and confident player - and not afraid to rip a nasty blues or rock solo.

As for vocals, I am an accomplished lead singer and I really take pride in my backing vocal abilities. I write, play and sing my own tunes, and will work on getting that posted so you can hear some samples.

I also own mastering software and a pretty darn good set of ears, and am happy to master your project to CD very quickly and professionally. I'm talking 2-3 day turnaround for entire albums, sometimes I can knock them out same day! You'll be happy to have your tunes mastered, and so will your fans.